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My Potato Reset.

March 6, 2018

Potatoes are not the devil, people. 


In 2010, the head of the Washington State Potato Commission even lived off of only potatoes for 60 days straight. He wanted to prove that potatoes are completely healthy and in turn, improved all his cholesterol (because plants have ZERO cholesterol) and even lost weight. A quick Google search will show you many people who continue to do so to improve their heart-health. I don't think that's a long-term solution but just proves that it's not going to make you fat or sick. 


Check it out: Getting Well On 20 Potatoes A Day


Your brain needs complex carbohydrates to function and it ticks me off that all the media and 'research' over the years has demonized carbs. Diets that cut out healthy, whole foods like fruit, grains, seeds and potatoes just seems wrong to me. Many meat-heavy diets have short-term weight loss benefits but in the long run they are largely unsustainable and increase your chances of chronic illness later in life. IT'S SCIENCE. 


Anyway - I could write a rant 171 pages long but I won't. Here are my thoughts and meals for my mini potato experiment...




Weight: 229 lbs

Goals: To not drink coffee all day (reset suggests the least amount of caffeine possible; plus I drink mine with sugar and almond milk.) To eat some of the left over food that's not on the reset list. To get groceries. To meal plan and prep a bit for the week. To start with a reset-compliant dinner so I'll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 

What I ate: Tofu scramble with red pepper and onions. Hot water with lime, ginger and turmeric. Pita crackers, carrots & hummus. Left over hakka noodles with veg and tofu nuggets. Two baked potatoes with High Carb Hannah's nacho cheese sauce (this turned out to be the shizzle!!) and salsa.




Weight: 229 lbs

Thoughts: The food was amazing and delicious and I didn't really feel hungry throughout the day but I was in a huge mind-haze (I think) due to lack of coffee and it being my first day back at work after a long weekend off. Feeling pretty quit-y in the afternoon but confident and full by the evening, so good stuff. 

What I ate: Mashed potatoes with sauteéd spinach and onion, topped with salsa. Mixed veg salad with baked white potato and maple/mustard vinaigrette. Sweet potato noodles with cauliflower/veg bolognese sauce. Lots of hot/cold water with lemon and ginger. Cucumbers and tomatoes with balsamic for snacks in between. 






Weight: 226 lbs

Thoughts: Much better feelings today. Food all still really tasty and found our bottle of 'fancy' balsamic (steeped with herbs) so snacks are really tasty. Don't believe the scale down three pounds. Waiting until the end of the week to see if it sticks - but if it does - then that's pretty fantastic. Work day with no coffee felt WAY better than yesterday. 

What I ate: Mixed veg salad with baked sweet potato and maple/mustard vinaigrette (yes for breakfast.) Leftover sweet potato noodles with cauliflower/veg bolognese sauce. White potato and green onion hash browns with sauteéd veg and salsa. More hot/cold lemon water and cucumber and tomato for snacks in between.






Weight: 224 lbs

Thoughts: Feeling hungry in between meals. Realize I need to prep more potatoes for snacks instead of just tomato and cucumber. I noticed the baby carrots tasted really, really sweet. I also picked up this low-sodium, no sugar herb mix and used that on the cucumber and tomato. Very tasty. Bit of a sweet craving in the afternoon. Had to make dinner at a friend's house but it was super easy to prepare and turned out delicious - so that's a good point.

What I ate: Leftover hash browns with the veg and salsa. Salad with baked potato and maple/mustard vinaigrette. Baked, cubed red potato with sauteéd mushrooms, onions and spinach topped with potato-based nacho 'cheese' sauce (OMG it's so good.) More hot/cold lemon water and cucumber and tomato for snacks in between plus baby carrots just plain out of the bag.






Weight: 223 lbs

Thoughts: Really good day at work. Felt ok with everything except in the afternoon and evening pretty hungry because again, I didn't prep enough food to snack on. Fries in the evening took too long and I didn't have salad prepped for a snack. This was my own fault.

What I ate: Leftover baked red potato with veg and nacho 'cheese' sauce. Salad with baked sweet potato and maple/mustard vinaigrette. Mixed veg salad and homemade fries done in the AirFryer with homemade mushroom and onion gravy. More hot/cold lemon water and cucumber and tomato for snacks in between plus baby carrots just plain out of the bag. Used 'fancy' balsamic and the herb mix on the snacks - really good.