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Here we grow again!

Alllllll the changes.

All of them. The end of Summer 2016 into fall/winter/Feb 2017 was insanely hectic. Traveled for work. Went to France. Moved in with the BF. Christmas. New Years. Becoming vegan. Got a new tattoo. Saw the Grand Canyon.


Who has time to frickin' garden?

The new place is small. It took a while to paint and unpack. Minimal, sun-lit windows. No room for the indoor garden. Where to grow? Purge, purge, purge. On top of the dresser she goes. I guess we needed the green more than the surface space.

We will be starting only basil and dill inside for now. According to our nifty, Farmer's Almanac calendar - tomatoes shouldn't be started indoors until mid- or end of March. We also purchased beet, radish and tomato seeds. (Last year's Roma tomatoes were not awesome so we opted for some Brandywine Pink beefsteak-variety.) In the spirit of just starting instead of over-analyzing and delaying; the seeds and soil were chosen based on what was best/available at the nursery we went to.

The potting soil is Fafard's AgroMix. Chosen for being geared towards seedlings and sprouts as well as being suitable for organic culture. However, the seeds this year will not be organic. As much as I'd like to get all organic-y and awesome - the seeds last year were super temperamental and frustrating. The herb seeds are from Livingston Seeds. Went with Genovese basil instead of sweet basil this time.

Apparently dill doesn't like being transplanted and I hope to get these guys outside this year - so I had to jimmy an old plastic pot I found under the sink and plant the dill solo. Planted two seeds in four spots. We will see who wins out. The basil went in the garden

kit's planter tray and I should get enough plants to get some outside. Smashed a bunch of seeds along two 'troughs' instead of measuring. Will thin when something sprouts out. I didn't want a repeat of last time when I was more careful and only a few seeds even sprouted out of a 'full tray.'

Water poured. Soil and seeds in. Lights adjusted and on. BOOM.

Let's grow some shit!!

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