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20 days and 2 salads later...

"Summer goes by quickly." - Captain Obvious

Time flies when you're tryin' to be green.... oh and live life.

Mr. Basil became scorched in the sun - so I moved him back inside to the safety of lights and constant capillary mat water. I replaced the empty tomato trays with more mesclun mix.... the existing tray of lettuce leaves became a jungle.

Through research I read that you can harvest the leaves 2 - 3 times max. The best practice is to pinch of the leaves an inch or two above the soil - so I did. The first, personal-size salad was half the tray and the 2nd the remaining leaves. Then I filled my wittle garden tray full with water and left for a week.


The lettuce did not grow back. It wilted and died. I scavenged about 3 - 5 leaves from the mess and have left the rest to rot. Will likely replant with more. The additional trays of lettuce have grown and maybe because of the stagger I'll have a few salads a month.

We've had little to no rain the past month or two with the exception of this past weekend and early this morning. Grass is yellow and brittle. Our front-lawn-social-experiment-garden has grown excruciatingly slow. None but one of the tomato plants have fruit. No sweet or jalapeno peppers, no actual peas and the watermelon is a joke!

Digging around today when I got home I discovered some weeds (about 5 minutes worth) in the side bed with the cabbage, cauliflower and watermelon. If weeds are growings - things must be a little more moist. The root vegetables are bigger than at the start and the cauliflower has little bud-ies starting.

I have hope. I will carry on. I. WILL. EAT. MY. OWN. VEGGIES.

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