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Chives are a$$holes!

Day 2.33. The chives still don't now they are supposed to GROW.


The tomatoes have been transplanted in their entirety in the boyfriend's garden and Mr. Basil lives happily on the front porch in his original planter tray (because I'm too lazy to find him a pot to live in.)

The chives refuse to give more than one measly sprout despite all the soaking and planting at appropriate depths and love and care and light. The lettuce is growing like a jungle and if I didn't already have a giant head of lettuce from my Local Bounty Box from The Mustard Seed I would have harvested a bit by now.

Apparently mesclun mix can be harvested by plucking it off an inch or two from the soil. It will re-grow about 2 - 3 times before new seeds need to be replanted. The plan is to ditch the chives, re-soil the empty tomato tray and plant more lettuce. Then I will have a never-ending supply of greenery!

The Great Outdoors:

The outdoor garden is up and kicking. The Lovely Landlords started me up with two sweet peppers, a jalapeno and some random beans stolen from a friend's garden. I installed two kinds of kale (rando kale and a black kale) which, after two weeks, don't look like they've gotten any bigger.

The side row that is grown level now has two watermelon starters and some cauliflower and cabbage. I guess I was going for the least popular vegetables since the garden is all out front.

It's ending up somewhat of a social experiment to see if the neighbours will eff with it. I just hope if someone snags some veg that they actually eat it and they aren't just messing about.

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