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Researching products - concealer

I've been lax and making time to follow my own advice and research a few things before I try the next brand. There may even be cases that I won't transition any products for the better and that's OK too. Unless you're filthy, stinkin' rich you probably can't afford to switch every product to green. They're expensive, man!

As you can see I'm a little low on my concealer (Benefit's Erase Paste.) It cost me $25 - $30

but I have had it for almost two years. I don't know if that's gross or not but it's economical and it's not hurting anything. But I need something new and I wanted to make the 'right' choice.

On the surface things looked good for my concealer. Benefit's website FAQ said they don't test on animals and that they even fund something called the American Fund for Alternatives to Animal Testing. However, I couldn't find Benefit on the Leaping Bunny list despite using several spellings and combinations but PETA's search flagged them as a company that DOES test.

Another website quoted that Benefit says that it "does not test on animals nor do we permit others to do so except where required by law." But this wording is actually NOT on Benefit's website - so who's lying here? In a quick Google search there were many articles stating that Benefit was lying about their anti-testing stance.

It turns out the main basis of the accusation of their lie is that they sell products in China and China 'requires by law' that certain products are tested on animals. So this is why they are flagged on all the cruelty-free lists.

So where's the right in the situation? The actual product I am using and the wide majority of the company (and their parent company LVHM) are pro-anti-cruelty (what?!) and they don't test except in China... I love the product and don't know how another, more ethical (and likely high cost) product will turn out. What if I spend $45 on something that I hate?

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