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Researching products

If you're like me (busy af) and don't have time to sit down and research each ingredient of each product you use the last drop and have to buy more - you're usually buying what looks 'right.'

I've been lucky so far in choosing some really good products just by taking some time in store to read a bit of the packing and taking a chance. I also haven't had a bad time choosing Canadian-made products. Oh, Canada you've treated me well!

However there are some go to tips and websites you can use in a pinch to make a better decision. If you take a few minutes before you purchase or at the bare minimum check it out after you buy and if it's horrible don't buy it again!

1. Read the damn label: If there's 18 bajillionty products... maybe pass. Like it or not, simple is actually better (in all things, for reals) so that's usually best.

2. Check out if they torture cute little animals: There are many, many websites for this. Peta has the biggest one (they're a little militant for my tastes and through research I've read that Peta's criteria can be lax) However, like anything on the internet, it's best to check a couple of sources to see if you get consistent information. So check out a few of the sites below or straight-up perform a Google search with the company's name and "tests on animals" and see what you find!

Peta's Beauty Without Bunnies Search

Cruelty-Free Kitty's List of 100% Cruelty Free Brands

The Leaping Bunny Program's search page

3. Know a few of the really, really bad ingredients off by heart:

Cosmetics: BHA and BHTs, parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, DEA related chemicals, dyes or colourants that start with a CI or Blue #x, formaldehyde releasing products (too many to name, click link) and artificial fragrances.

Food: Anything that actually says 'artificial' like colour, flavour etc...(Red 3, Blue 1 & 2,) BHA and BHT again (eww it's in both!) As well as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame & sucralose (my faves,) sodium chloride, MSG (obviously) and soy that isn't actually a giant chunk of soy. Also - always buy organic soy because, Monsanto is why.

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