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Transitioning products - shampoo/conditioner

It can be time consuming trying to research products before you buy them and stores are full of 'green' and 'made from natural ingredients' items whether it be food, cleaning or care products. Not all of that is true.

I found myself out of shampoo and conditioner recently. It was a 'better' brand but probably still pretty chemically. I also found myself short on time and big on need. I try to use a 2-in-1 most days and sporadically use the shampoo/conditioner combo. The Shoppers Drug Mart near my place is fairly small and also pretty limited on selection. I wasn't sure what I'd find.

I've used a few Live Clean products before. Namely the facial toner and face wash. I've since stopped using toner but I use the face wash almost every day; pretty good but I've never looked into the product itself. I originally thought it was exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart but it turns out you can buy it at places like Walmart and

Even thought the choice came from picking the only affordable 'green' product on the shelf I was pleasantly surprised to find out a few really cool facts. Live Clean products are all Canadian and really, really made from almost 96% natural or plant based ingredients. Cruelty free and the majority are actually vegan!

I never really thought of shampoo and conditioner being vegan or not - but apparently a lot of products that contain animal-based B12 and obviously keratin is derived from hooves and horns and hair. Mmmmmm.

Anyway - I usually get something moisturizing so I went with the Exotic Silk type (even thought it's only vegetarian, but whatever - I need moisture!) It's got something called phyto-keratin (soy, corn, wheat) and a bunch of nuts and oils and shit. After a week of using it on and off I like it. I'm not one for noticing changes in the texture of my hair - I just like it so you should probably try it sometime.

It was on sale for about $4.99 and only slightly smaller than one of the standard size bottles of shampoo and conditioner. The brand I was using before was on sale for at least $7. As with the toothpaste we all use way more per use than we really need to. A pea-sized amount of the shampoo is enough to lather up my shoulder-length hair. I use a bit more conditioner but I'm sure by the time I'm done the bottle it'll be on sale again!

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