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Please sir, can I have a bit of earth?

This past Saturday I received an amazing gift!

Let's go back a few weeks. I came home from work to find these on the front lawn:

What was inside these bags?


Something cool was about to happen. The Lovely Landlords had previously admitted to being super gardeners when I had first asked about the garden space around the house.

I had been disappointed at the time thinking they were going to garden like mad and I was stuck growing stuff on my dim back porch or in my indoor garden.

More recently (in between trips across the country and the countryside) the Lovely Landlords mentioned they would be building garden boxes in the front lawn. We discussed who in our neighbourhood would take our veggies and how far back to plant to prevent 'pee row.' Lots of dogs in our area!

I even gifted them my sole, successful tomato transplants.

Then, this past Saturday I was home for about 2 hours and happened upon the Lovely Landlords. We talked about the three (awesome) garden boxes they had created and the tomato gift and what we had all been up to and the amazing donair place down the road I had just got lunch from. (Donairs At Gage btw - soooo good!)

Then they told me - one of the three garden boxes was mine!

And they were throwing in the side row between our house and the next!

So, now the planning begins. So.... now I have a place to transplant more tomatoes! So...... maybe I can plant some beets! So, so, so happy!!

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