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Rebirth - I have a garden again!!

Well, rebirth was correct. Within a few days (technically last week - I'm too busy to even write blog posts) of the replant I have a bit of green success!!

Except for the damn chives!

Again - the anticipation then joy of coming home and entering the room with my indoor garden to see trays of tiny green shoots reaching to the light. Feels so good.

Apparently there's a real term or physiological theory referencing the feeling of joy when in nature. The biophilia hypothesis states that we need nature for our physiological well-being because we evolved in it. Our urban state (obviously) is not natural.

"Biophilia" literally means "love of life or living systems." How cool is that?!

Every tomato seed sprouted with the little pocket of seed started stuck to their leaves and 95% of the basil and lettuce have come up.

Except for the damn chives!

Those reluctant, green bastards! Yes, that is a tiny chive sprout in the photo. Believe me.

With the speed these things are sprouting I believe I will be able to plant them outside this year. With tomatoes the grow length is about 80 days - but I think I'll get some fruit before then. The lettuce will go outside as well.

After the transplanting - I'll just continue to grow inside. Neverrrrr endingggg foooood!

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