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Transitioning products - kitchen sponge

I'm a tidy person - but maybe not enough in some cases. My lovely boyfriend pointed out the other day that my kitchen sponge has been around since I moved in (December!) I tried to argue that I'm never home so it's a little less old... but still way too gross. What better time to try to find something a little more sustainable. In that I don't have to toss it too often.

Cloths, whether purchased or crocheted, are a viable option because you can throw them in the wash when they get a little putrid. Though I probably have a bunch of yarn and some crochet hooks somewhere around here - time (tell us again how you're so busy) is always a factor. Ain't nobody got time for crocheting in this weather!

I found my bioBob sponge at The Mustard Seed Co-op when I was checking it out the other day. I've been trying/wanting to do a bit of research before I go purchase something but that doesn't seem to be working lately. I found the sponge, briefly read the label and decided to grab it since the cost was only $2.99. It even has a one year warranty!

I've used it a few days now and I like how soapy it gets and how weighty it is. You can be quite rough with it and wring it out firmly. So far no food has really gotten stuck in the holes and the red curry I washed up yesterday only stained it mildly.

Writing this post and checking out their website I also realize they are Canadian and still a small, family-run business outside of Montreal. The company was started in 1963 by a female, Hungarian immigrant.

The sponges are hand made with eco ingredients as opposed to being harvested from the sea or made from chemicals. They tout an 'enviro-ester' technology but I can't find anything on their website or Google to give anymore info than that.

They are also washable and apparently 'improve as you re-use.' I guess I'll find out for real in a week or two when I wash it!

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