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Day 15 - Should it stay or should it go?

Seven to 14 days. That's what all the packages said. Two weeks to leafy greens - or at least some sprouty-sprouts. Alas, it's day 15 and only a handful of baby greens have appeared. Given that it's only one day after the range given on the packages I will give it more time before I cut and run.

By why haven't they grown?!

Seems to be that there could be several culprits for my particular garden.

1. Too much fertilizer: The McKenzie seeds website (which I didn't actually read first) has a section called The Nook which has growing tips for their seeds. Quite clearly in the 'basic info' it states 'under no circumstances should potting mixes that have additional fertilizer be used.'

So much for my Jobe's Organic fertilizer! I had read during my non-Nook research that sometimes fertilizer can burn out the seeds or roots. However - I thought I had underestimated the amount of fertilizer enough for it to help - not hinder.

2. I should have soaked them? Another suggestion on the McKenzie website is to soak the seeds for 1 to 3 hours until they swell and then plant them before they dry out again. None of the packaging or research I did mentioned any of these baths.

3. Seeds were planted too deep: This was something I was fearful of while planting. I tried to follow the directions on the packets as closely as possible and I only poked small holes in the soil with the tip of a pen. I experienced this with some seeds in the old garden. Having used mostly starter plants purchased from a garden centre - it wasn't something I stressed about.

I don't think the Promix organic soil I used nor the water or method was the problem. I also assume the seeds were fresh. Most sources indicate seeds can last approximately a year after the package has been opened. None of the packaging has any kind of 'best before' dates listed.

Researching indoor gardens online is a bit like walking at night in a sketchy area. Everyone is trying to offer you drugs. Most of the websites and YouTube videos are marijuana-centric. They sure do get a lot of views - I'll tell you that!

Most advise to give about 20 days for some seeds to sprout. I also wonder if any rotting has occurred due to an excess of moisture but by all accounts I started the seeds in the correct manner for an indoor capillary system.

Completely contrary to the entire point of gardening and all the wonderful patience for nature you're supposed to have along with your green thumb - my crunch is time. I'm away from home this weekend and travelling for work again after that. If I wait five more days there will be no time to replant and hope for the best while I'm gone.

So, my friggin' wee sprouts, I'll give you until Wednesday.

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