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Just a girl trying to go green

Whether through media guilt or my own, legit beliefs I've been trying the past few years to live a more simple and conscious life. From eating less meat and trying to buy organic and local as much as possible to buying used (furniture and clothing) whenever I can and purging all the 'stuff' I seem to accumulate every so often. Sometimes in the rush of life it's hard to make these choices in the moment when you have to sacrifice convenience. So I've been trying to simply my life as well.

Now I'm slowly weaning myself off my old philosophy of 'never say no to an invite' and 'I'll sleep when I'm dead.' I'm obsessed with Ted Talks videos and slowly going vegan (probably never going to happen.)I've also always wanted a green thumb but could never keep a house plant alive successfully. Then a few

years ago I had the opportunity to run a 10 x 20 foot garden where I lived. It was an existing garden that I cleaned out (weeds and rocks and you don't want to know what else) and planted vegetables in.

For two summers my friends and I reveled in fresh salads and herbs. Some things worked pretty good and some things didn't. But I loved it the whole time.

I've lived in a few places since then with no great room or time for gardening. I'm living in a great little place in Hamilton, ON now with a nice back porch - but inadequate sun.

I've also always been interested in gardening year round and always liked having greenery in the house. It feels good. So - with my never ending need for a project - mass amounts of online research into different kinds of indoor gardening and my credit card - the plant life was born!

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