The easiest veggie broth EVAR.

Have you ever noticed the amount of sodium on a packet of veggie broth? Totally gross. Also chemicals. Also some store-bought veggie broth has MILK in it. WTF?? Don't get me started on milk being in random products... How about some sodium and chemical (and milk) free veggie broth that is also.... well, FREE??! You really can't get better than free, in my opinion. The steps are ridiculously easy: 1. Keep all your veggie scraps. 2. Boil 'em down with a little herb and spice. 3. Freeze it. Let's start from the beginning: (There's more than three steps - I was messing with you) 1. Keep any veggie scraps that aren't totally rotten or covered in dirt in a bag in your freezer. Any bag will do; it

Beans, beans the magical fruit... (Plant-Based Projects)

Beans, beans the magical fruit the more you eat them the more you toot! Couldn't resist. Switching to a plant-based diet was probably the best decision I ever made. I feel fantastic! My skin feels better, my body feels better and I rarely get sick. However... there is the farting. Once you start eating healthy and searching around online you come to realize there's always one extra level of healthy, plant-based eating than you realised. Raw Vegan (Level 26.) Sprouted eating. WFPB. WFPBNO. OMGWTFBBQLMAOalksdjfaweiothsjk. It's just like it was before - everyone's is always telling you their way is better and it changes all the time. Because I can't sit still and I'm always looking for somethi

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