Culling the herb

There comes a time for every parent when you must pick the best child and get rid of the rest. Ummm. I mean, there comes a time for every gardener when you must pick the best plants and thin the rest. Last Wednesday was Day #23 and things were looking bright eyed and bushy leaved. Although aloe-ve all my little babies - I had to cull the herb. According to lore (a.k.a. Google) thinning should take place when the plants true leaves get to be a healthy size. I may have left these a little late as the second set of true leaves were already peeking out. This allows the strongest plants to get hardier, better, faster. Instinctively - you just gently pull the tiny plants out and leave the big one

Lettuce celebrate the ladies.

This year's International Women's Day theme is #beboldforchange. This year I've made a pretty big change - I've gone vegan. I won't bore you with the details (in this post) but it's the single biggest way to change your health and the health of the planet. I'd like to give some shout outs to some ladies I know and some I don't on this day. In no particular order. #1. The Ladies of the Land from the Women Who Farm Facebook page. Number one because this is a plant-based blog. This page features some really cool stories about women around the world growing their thangs. It's not all hipsters either! You should like their page - like now. It's been my not-so-secret dream to run away and start a

Two weeks and we're in business!

It never ceases to amaze me how fast nature does her thing. Feb 25th was Day #6 and the garden had already sprouted some teeny tiny little basil plants. Cute AF. Even a few days before this I could see a spec of green beginning to push aside the soil. I believe the regular, direct light and the perfectly metered watering via the wicking of the capillary mat really sets up seedlings and starters. You can't get better than a controlled (even half-assedly controlled) environment. I mean I like the capricious nature of growing things from seeds outdoors. The chance you take. The thrill of seeing how things go but the feeling of instant gratification on sprouting things indoors and that feeling o

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