Here we grow again!

Alllllll the changes. All of them. The end of Summer 2016 into fall/winter/Feb 2017 was insanely hectic. Traveled for work. Went to France. Moved in with the BF. Christmas. New Years. Becoming vegan. Got a new tattoo. Saw the Grand Canyon. Friendsfamilytravelboyfriendexerciseeatrightworkworkwork. Who has time to frickin' garden? The new place is small. It took a while to paint and unpack. Minimal, sun-lit windows. No room for the indoor garden. Where to grow? Purge, purge, purge. On top of the dresser she goes. I guess we needed the green more than the surface space. We will be starting only basil and dill inside for now. According to our nifty, Farmer's Almanac calendar - tomatoes shouldn't

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