Chives are a$$holes!

Day 2.33. The chives still don't now they are supposed to GROW. Bastards. The tomatoes have been transplanted in their entirety in the boyfriend's garden and Mr. Basil lives happily on the front porch in his original planter tray (because I'm too lazy to find him a pot to live in.) The chives refuse to give more than one measly sprout despite all the soaking and planting at appropriate depths and love and care and light. The lettuce is growing like a jungle and if I didn't already have a giant head of lettuce from my Local Bounty Box from The Mustard Seed I would have harvested a bit by now. Apparently mesclun mix can be harvested by plucking it off an inch or two from the soil. It will re-g

Researching products - concealer

I've been lax and making time to follow my own advice and research a few things before I try the next brand. There may even be cases that I won't transition any products for the better and that's OK too. Unless you're filthy, stinkin' rich you probably can't afford to switch every product to green. They're expensive, man! As you can see I'm a little low on my concealer (Benefit's Erase Paste.) It cost me $25 - $30 but I have had it for almost two years. I don't know if that's gross or not but it's economical and it's not hurting anything. But I need something new and I wanted to make the 'right' choice. On the surface things looked good for my concealer. Benefit's website FAQ said they don't

Researching products

If you're like me (busy af) and don't have time to sit down and research each ingredient of each product you use the last drop and have to buy more - you're usually buying what looks 'right.' I've been lucky so far in choosing some really good products just by taking some time in store to read a bit of the packing and taking a chance. I also haven't had a bad time choosing Canadian-made products. Oh, Canada you've treated me well! However there are some go to tips and websites you can use in a pinch to make a better decision. If you take a few minutes before you purchase or at the bare minimum check it out after you buy and if it's horrible don't buy it again! 1. Read the damn label: If ther

The transplants (No, not the punk band.)

So two little rays of light have emerged from the wreckage of my genesis garden. Mr. Basil and Mr. Tomato were given two different homes in different cities. Mr. Tomato was left outside in his transplant pot for a day or two and then put in ground in a half shady environment. He's been looking really good despite not really 'hardening' him off and despite the fact that he was barely past the 'cotyledons' stage. I'll explain below. Mr. Basil has been left in his transplant pot (with seepage holes cut at the bottom) and left in a nice sunny window. Again - he's getting sun about half the day. Mr. Basil has not sprouted too far past the first two 'cotyledon' leaves - having only gotten to four

Transitioning products - shampoo/conditioner

It can be time consuming trying to research products before you buy them and stores are full of 'green' and 'made from natural ingredients' items whether it be food, cleaning or care products. Not all of that is true. I found myself out of shampoo and conditioner recently. It was a 'better' brand but probably still pretty chemically. I also found myself short on time and big on need. I try to use a 2-in-1 most days and sporadically use the shampoo/conditioner combo. The Shoppers Drug Mart near my place is fairly small and also pretty limited on selection. I wasn't sure what I'd find. I've used a few Live Clean products before. Namely the facial toner and face wash. I've since stopped using

Please sir, can I have a bit of earth?

This past Saturday I received an amazing gift! Let's go back a few weeks. I came home from work to find these on the front lawn: What was inside these bags? Dirt! Something cool was about to happen. The Lovely Landlords had previously admitted to being super gardeners when I had first asked about the garden space around the house. I had been disappointed at the time thinking they were going to garden like mad and I was stuck growing stuff on my dim back porch or in my indoor garden. More recently (in between trips across the country and the countryside) the Lovely Landlords mentioned they would be building garden boxes in the front lawn. We discussed who in our neighbourhood woul

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