Rebirth - I have a garden again!!

Well, rebirth was correct. Within a few days (technically last week - I'm too busy to even write blog posts) of the replant I have a bit of green success!! Except for the damn chives! Again - the anticipation then joy of coming home and entering the room with my indoor garden to see trays of tiny green shoots reaching to the light. Feels so good. Apparently there's a real term or physiological theory referencing the feeling of joy when in nature. The biophilia hypothesis states that we need nature for our physiological well-being because we evolved in it. Our urban state (obviously) is not natural. "Biophilia" literally means "love of life or living systems." How cool is that?! Every tomato

When in doubt, rip them out?

I'm not about to tell you I'm a patient person - but I did give my wee seeds 18 days to sprout. I think that was more than generous! The sprouts that came did well - they seemed to literally get bigger every day. They were green. They were happy, dammit! But the others failed to show. I was in doubt (and crunched for time) so I ripped them out. There were some dead soldiers. I ate some of the basil. I cruelly left the lettuce to wilt on the counter. I transplanted the biggest basil sprouts and gave them to my man and the lone tomato went to the landlords. They are doing big things to the front lawn (post on that to come - exciting!) For the transplanting I cut some holes in the bottom of a f

"I have a small box."

"I have a small box." Words I never thought I'd say to a young, Asian stranger at an organic co-op grocery store. Then imagine his delight when I had to explain that my last name was also 'Small.' Always a lady. Everyone has seen Facebook ad campaigns or heard of people ordering door delivered organic food boxes. Mama Earth Organics is one I've seen (and been interested in) for a few years but never ordered due to the fact it seems like a lot of food for one person to eat and the 'contract' factor. Many of the services, while they do offer 'pause' options, require that you sign up for a weekly delivery. This makes sense if they are delivering on a wider scale and purchasing many of the items

Transitioning products - kitchen sponge

I'm a tidy person - but maybe not enough in some cases. My lovely boyfriend pointed out the other day that my kitchen sponge has been around since I moved in (December!) I tried to argue that I'm never home so it's a little less old... but still way too gross. What better time to try to find something a little more sustainable. In that I don't have to toss it too often. Cloths, whether purchased or crocheted, are a viable option because you can throw them in the wash when they get a little putrid. Though I probably have a bunch of yarn and some crochet hooks somewhere around here - time (tell us again how you're so busy) is always a factor. Ain't nobody got time for crocheting in this weathe

Day 15 - Should it stay or should it go?

Seven to 14 days. That's what all the packages said. Two weeks to leafy greens - or at least some sprouty-sprouts. Alas, it's day 15 and only a handful of baby greens have appeared. Given that it's only one day after the range given on the packages I will give it more time before I cut and run. By why haven't they grown?! Seems to be that there could be several culprits for my particular garden. 1. Too much fertilizer: The McKenzie seeds website (which I didn't actually read first) has a section called The Nook which has growing tips for their seeds. Quite clearly in the 'basic info' it states 'under no circumstances should potting mixes that have additional fertilizer be used.' So much for

In the squeeee of green

I can't begin to describe the feeling of anticipation of coming home from a week-long absence (work and family) to see my green babies - oh and my boyfriend too! The whole week I was afraid I was missing the birth of my wee basil plants. That the water would dry up and stunt the growth of my Roma tomatoes (though most plants are damn hardy.) I was anticipating some giant mass of garlic-y greenery and that I would be lacking in my blog's progression in jumping from a tiny sprout to a forest. A dichotomy of emotions. There was green! The water level was above the legs of the planting tray. The capillary mat was still shiny and moist. But no lush, verdant forest was there. What could I expect -

Inception - the planting

Aaaand it has begun. fter buying the indoor garden kit, (mostly) organic seeds, organic soil and fertilizer, I finally found a solid table to house my wee plot. A table from Denmark from the Thrift Store for $9.99. So far the total cost has been $248.36. I haven't crunched the numbers but I'm sure in the long run I'll be in the black with all the 'free' herbs and veg I'll grow. Plus I'll have something green growing in my house. <3 Despite of a lot of the online research I did - in the rush to just start I went to Lowe's and purchased what they had available. In the end it was the right decision. I'm just too busy. The soil I bought a bag of Pro-Mix Premium Organic for Tomatoes and Fine Herb

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