Transitioning products - toothpaste review

So you're trying to go green. You're trying to help the environment and make the right choice on a daily basis. Sometimes it's hard to forgo the convenience and the frugality. Local, organic shit costs more. It just does. The last time I bought cleaning supplies I switched out to a green brand of all purpose cleaner and dish soap and bought semi-reusable cloths instead of paper towel. I remember the cleaning supplies costing marginally more - and they've lasted more than 4 months now. So the cost per use really isn't that much more. I am currently almost out of toothpaste. A toothpaste I want to get rid of because it contains microbeads. I had always known about Tom's of Main but my dad had

The journey begins - Garland Grow Light Garden set up

I set up my Garland Products Grow-Light Indoor Garden last week and filmed the set up. While researching the dizzying array of different kinds of indoor ponics I found the instructional videos helpful in my making my decision on buying vs. building so I wanted to do my own. Incidentally - the first YouTube video I've ever made. First time using video editing software (I'll tell you about my Windows Movie Maker install nightmare some other day... The program is cool - the install on my PC was the nightmare!) I had initially started looking into self-watering, outdoor container gardens (self-watering because I travel a lot for work) but realized my back porch receives less than 4 hours of sunl

Just a girl trying to go green

Whether through media guilt or my own, legit beliefs I've been trying the past few years to live a more simple and conscious life. From eating less meat and trying to buy organic and local as much as possible to buying used (furniture and clothing) whenever I can and purging all the 'stuff' I seem to accumulate every so often. Sometimes in the rush of life it's hard to make these choices in the moment when you have to sacrifice convenience. So I've been trying to simply my life as well. Now I'm slowly weaning myself off my old philosophy of 'never say no to an invite' and 'I'll sleep when I'm dead.' I'm obsessed with Ted Talks videos and slowly going vegan (probably never going to happen.)I'

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