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Your new, vegan best friend!

What the best part of a best friend? 

A best friend is there for you, helps you grow and keeps you accountable! That'll be me while you transition to veganism.

I am a recent graduate of the Cornell University Plant Based Nutrition course, an amazing cook and a passionate vegan. Through years of self-study I have found that the fastest and most sustainable path to health and happiness is a vegan lifestyle. My passion is bringing that knowledge to others. 

Building sustainable habits that benefit mental and physical well-being can be easy and I can show you how! Let's hack your habits together. 

The hardest part of choosing a lifestyle coach is finding someone you actually like! And this is coming from someone who used to think they were all a little over zealous... So, let's get together for a coffee and see if we click. Coffee's on me!

Talk soon!


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